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  • The Hohner Fire and Hohner Ocean are the same model available in 2 colours – red and black (Fire) and blue and black (Ocean). With its ergonomically designed mouthpiece and case, this 32 key melodica offers quick response and a smooth, airtight sound.

  • The Student 32 Melodica was developed for beginners and students and offers excellent value for money. Its ergonomic and convenient playing style is enhanced by its ability to be played horizontally, fixed to its sturdy synthetic hard-case and with an extended mouthpiece tube. The open case lid functions here as a music stand.

  • The Hohner Student 26 Melodica is a unique, basic reed instrument that utilises a 26 keyboard on a lightweight acrylic plastic shell. Most commonly used in schools, the Hohner Student 26 is a shorter edition melodica and can be played by anyone aged 4+. This is a fun, interesting way to get children learning/playing basic melodies. Includes a plastic...

  • The Hohner Superstrength is a high quality Melodica that has 37 quick response keys that range over three octaves (F-F) and also incorporates an economical mouth piece and blowing tube. Comes with carry case.

  • The MX-32C is our 'standard' 32 note classroom Melodion, and the instrument of choice for education departments. The body is tough ABS plastic. There is a comfortable black handle on the reverse. Supplied with matching, sturdy ABS plastic case. Included Accessories: Tough carry case, Extension tube, Standard Mouthpiece.

  • The new Semi Pro M-37C Alto Melodion has exceptional sound and range at a reasonable price. Featuring phosphor bronze reeds, all aluminum covers and full 37 note range. A great choice for the serious Melodion hobbyist and performer. Included Accessories: Standard Mouthpiece, Trumpet Style Mouthpiece, Flexible Tube Mouthpiece, Soft Gig Bag with Handles.

  • The Pro-37v2 is a high quality professional melodian, finished with walnut effect end covers, brass brightwork, beautiful ivory coloured keys with contrasting red key felt and a black vinyl coated body. This Melodion benefits from tapered reeds. A wide variation of tone is available; from soft woodwind to powerful brass, all with little effort. Included...

  • Highly acclaimed throughout the world, the Melodion has come to be looked upon as one of the single most advanced learning systems ever devised. No other musical instrument combines so many diverse playing techniques. The all new Study-32 is the perfect Students Melodion. Lightweight and easy, to play the Study-32 is perfect for both solo and ensemble...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items


Suzuki and Hohner created the melodica in the 1950’s.

Since then,the Melodica has been extremely successful amongst beginner musicians and professionalsalike.

the Melodica is a free-reed instrument similar to the harmonica.

Nonetheless, the melodica has a keyboard on top, which is usuallyone and a half to three octaves long. It is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side of the instrument.

Pressing a key opens a hole, allowing air to flow through a reed.

Hohner’s melodicas are usually 25 to 27 keys, and they can be found in different colours. All melodicas are small, light and portable, which is why many music schools have adopted it.

Manufactured in Japan, Suzuki Melodicas have been internationally recognised for being high-quality, stable and reliable.

Users have recently elected one of Suzuki’s models as the best Melodica. Its three-octave keyboard is a real treat, as it provides enough keys for the player to be expressive without making unwanted noises.