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  • The canes of the Var and Cogolin regions of France are among the best in the world, where cane is grown alongside rivers and streams. The high quality of this cane has given Rigotti international reputation. Rigotti reeds represent the finest in precision and playability since 1966. Hand picked and precisely cut, these reeds are consistent, focused and...

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Oboe D'Amore Double Reeds

For those who are looking for Oboe D’Amore double reeds, we’ve got a great selection of cane in various finishes(raw cane, gouged cane, shaped cane, folded cane), as well as all the reed making tools you'll ever need. We also have finished double reeds, or modifiable double reeds which you can shape in accordance with your taste and needs. Berthelot double reeds, Glotin double reeds, Rigotti double reeds, Marca double reeds, Vandoren double reeds and more are available in our catalogue.

About your double reed

A reed is a thin strip of material which vibrates with air to produce a sound on a musical instrument. The reeds required for Oboes, Bassoons and English Horns are called double reeds, and consist of two pieces of Arundo donax cane fastened together with an opening at the tip. A double reed will have much more influence on the sound of the instrument than single reeds, so it is almost as important to own a good double reed than it is to own a good instrument.

Some of our favourite makers

Neuranter has been manufacturing cane and Oboe D'Amore, Baritone Oboe and Baroque Oboe reeds for over three generations. It quickly gained popularity amongst Parisian musicians, which has allowed it to evolve side by side with some of the best Oboe players in the world. Neuranter has a large selection of tools and accessories as well: knives, thread, cases, swabs and more.

Based in Lyon, France, BG sells one of the best Oboe and English Horn pad dryers on the market: made with microfibre, it lasts for more than 5 years without tearing. They’re just as well-known for their Warmer, a silk, fleece and microfibre case which keeps instruments warm in cold venues, such as churches or air-conditioned places, preventing cracks in the wood.

Wether you’re a beginner, advancing player or professional, we have several double-reed options for you to try, all of them manufactured to the highest standards.

Make you own reeds

We have everything you need to make your own double reeds. You’ll find high quality cane at different stages of finishing and a wide array of reed-making tools and accessories.

We have various types of cane available for you to try: raw cane, gouged cane, gouged and shaped cane, gouged, shaped and profiled cane, ready-to-use double-reeds… Keep in mind you'll still be able to reshape a finished double-reed to suit your taste or your needs. Finally, you’ll be able to explore our great collection of reed-making tools for professional musicians or reed-makers. Different kinds of knives, razor cream, brass wires and scissors, corks, mandrels, guillotines, plaques, cutters, shapers and more are all available in our online store.

Keep in mind you can contact us anytime via email or telephone with any questions you might have, a specific item you'd like us to order for you, or if you simply need some advice before purchasing.