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  • With this Hohner Harmonica Service Set, you’ll be able to offset the reeds to suit your playing style, fine tune or retune your harmonica, maintain, replace and experiment with wind savers adjust and lubricate the slide mechanism on chromatics. Besides high-quality tools, it includes a set of wind savers for chromatic harmonicas and XB-40s, a tube of...

  • The Hohner Nylon harmonica case ensures you keep your harps in high quality condition by offering a sturdy way to transport them. This Hohner case is made out of a strong nylon material with a robust zipper and a practical hand strap. It offers space for 7 x 10-hole diatonic Richter harmonicas.

  • The Hohner C12 harmonica travel case holds 12 Diatonics and one Chromatic harmonica, all the instruments you need to be prepared for a professional gig. Constructed out of tough ABS plastic with a solid aluminum valance. It is lightweight and yet still offers great protection for your harmonicas. This is the ideal accessory for harmonica players who...

  • This harmonica holder is designed for use of most 10-hole harmonicas. It has an elegant and comfortable rubberised neck brace and a sturdy frame. It has a sleek back design, and allows your hands to be free to play guitar or another instrument.

  • Hohner’s Diatonic Harmonica case. 10.6cm.

  • Hohner’s Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonica case. 10.6cm.

  • The Hohner Harmonica Belt provides quick, easy access to your harps. Helps organize different keys during performance. The belt is made of strong vinyl with 6 stretch pockets, a cushioned back and a side quick-release buckle. Fits waists from 29" to 48".

  • Play your harmonica hands free with this high quality harness. Made in Germany by Konig & Meyer, this holder sits comfortably about your neck. The beauty of this holder is in the large easy to operate ‘locking knobs’ that hold the harness in the position where you set it. The larger ‘knobs are much more sturdy than the wing nuts found on other harnesses....

  • Ideal for singer/songwriters and instrumentalists of all kinds to elevate artistry and musical variety. The Lee Oskar Quick Start Kit includes four harmonicas in the following tunings: Major Diatonic (Key of C), Music Melody Maker (Key of G), Natural Minor (Key of Am), Harmonic Minor (Key of Am). Also includes one soft cloth pouch to hold four...

  • Replaceable reed plates (in every key) make it easy to revive your Lee Oskar Harmonica at about half the cost, whether it’s a Major Diatonic, a Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor or Melody Maker. Use our Lee Oskar Harmonica Tool Kit to replace them with ease.

  • This Suzuki Harmonica Reed Replacement Tool Kit is a must have for the serious harmonica player. You’ll receive a handy Suzuki case which includes: 2 screwdrivers, 2 reed spatulas, 1 reed wrench, 2 files, 2 punching tools ad bases, a hex wrench and a drill head.

  • This professional harmonica holder gives you hands free harmonica playing action! Harmonicas can be easily installed securely allowing the player to draw deep sounds. The harmonica holder can be adjusted to fit a mixture of different playing styles. Suitable for most harmonicas.

  • This is a unique mini harmonica with a key chain. It has brass reeds, a brass reed plate and a stainless steel cover.

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In the 1820’s, a young instrument maker named Christian Friedrich Buschmann created an instrument with metal reeds, which he called "The Aura". This instrument became popular, although it only provided blow notes.

Later on, Matthias Hohner introduced the harmonica to 19th century America, which really began the modern history of the harmonica. The harmonica was cheap and easy to carry, perfect for a country on the move, like America back then. The Hohner company grew quickly, and they ended up manufacturing 20 millions of harmonicas in the 1920's.


Loved by beginner musicians as much as by professional players, the Harmonica is a small, reliable, expressive and affordable instrument that you’ll be able to take with you everywhere you go. We have a great selection of Harmonicas from the leading brands such as Hohner, Suzuki, Lee Oskar and Swan at a wide price-range. If this is your first time purchasing one, the best would be for you to get the type of harmonica that best suits your favourite music genre. Diatonic harmonicas are generally great for Blues, Folk, Country and World music. Chromatic harmonicas go well with Classical, Jazz, Singer-songwriter and Pop music. Tremolo and Orchestral harmonicas are used for Folkloric music and Musette. You can still use any harmonica for all music genres, but it's good to keep this in mind as rough guidelines. As an example, Diatonic harmonicas, which are very versatile, can definitely be used to play Jazz, but it will require more advanced knowledge and technique. Chromatic harmonicas would be easier to use if you wanted to play Jazz.

Leading harmonica brand Hohner has a great range of diatonic, chromatic, tremolo and octave harmonicas, as well as special models and limited editions for both beginners and professionals, whatever their music style might be.


In order to choose the right Diatonic harmonica, it’s useful to pay attention to the comb’s material and air-tightness. If you think a plastic comb would be best, go for a Lee Oskar or a Suzuki. For a metal comb or a wooden comb, try Hohner or Suzuki. The price might be slightly more elevated, but the quality will be superior as well.

As for Chromatic harmonicas, it might be easier to start with a 12-hole rather than a 10-hole, which can sometimes feel a bit limiting. 14 and 16-hole harmonicas are better suited to advancing players. Depending on how they’re built, Chromatic harmonicas can be as affordable as they can be expensive. We’ve selected the brands that we think have the highest-quality designs at a fair price, as well as a comprehensive range of harmonica models.