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  • Vandoren Traditionals are the most widely played reeds in the world with a superiority proven over the years, and they suit all styles of music. Known for their excellent response in all registers, they allow a pianissimo attack in even the highest notes. They are also extremely flexible, allowing the legato or staccato execution of large intervals while...

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Contrabass Clarinet Mouthpieces

You’ll be able to find a collection of Contrabass Clarinet Mouthpieces from all the important makers in our catalogue. Our goal is to provide you with the best selection of Contrabass Clarinet mouthpieces so you have the freedom of choosing the one that will best suit your playing style. We like to think that our wide selection of brands makes us different from other sellers, and we love the fact that we’ll be able to give you neutral advice.

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Selmer Contrabass Clarinet mouthpieces, Vandoren Contrabass Clarinet mouthpieces, Rico - D'Addario Contrabass Clarinet mouthpieces and more can be found in our catalogue, including older models as well as the newest mouthpieces on the market.

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Have a look through our catalogue to find your ideal mouthpiece! Caring for our customers is our main priority. Keep in mind you can contact us anytime via telephone or email if you need more information, if you need some advice, or if you'd like us to order a specific item for you, and we'll quickly get back to you. We’re very grateful for your trust.