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Manuals and Learning Books:

Our bookstore section is finally ready for you to explore whenever you need sheet music or manuals. A collection ofmanuals forClarinet, Saxophone and Harmonicahas been carefully curated from the best publishers to bring you beginner manuals recommended by teachers and used in conservatories and music schools. For advancing players, we also have a great selection of books for them to perfect their technique and expressivity. Both beginners and more experienced players will be able to find great books that will help them progress.

Sheet Music:

We have an expanding collection of Sheet Music, from famous Jazz standards to Classical music, some easier to play than others; they can all be found on our website. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a specific score, we’ll happily order it for you, whatever the publisher or style of music it might be.

Our CD Collection:

We also have a playback CD selection, so you can listen, learn and play along. These CDs are great when you need to practice, and they’ll allow you to have the experience of playing with great musical arrangements and performances. Some of our manuals already include a CD, so make sure you don't buy it twice.

Our DVD Collection :

On the other hand, you’ll also be able to find great learning DVDs, which allow you have a more interactive learning experience. Lots of students will benefit from this method rather than a more traditional approach.

Our Collector Poster and Photos Collection:

We're finally working on expanding our new and vintage posters collection featuring great musicians and performances from the world of Jazz and Classical music. On top of that, we're always looking for very rare, good quality photos and prints of Classical and Jazz performers and ensembles, so you'll now be able to add a valuable photo to your collection or put it on your wall at home.