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Showing 1 - 69 of 69 items

If you're into making your own double reeds, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be able to find all kinds of tools and top quality cane in our catalogue.

We have various types of cane available for you to try: raw cane, gouged cane, gouged and shaped cane, gouged, shaped and profiled cane, ready-to-use double-reeds… Keep in mind you'll still be able to reshape a finished double-reed to suit your taste or your needs. Finally, you’ll be able to explore our great collection of reed-making tools for professional musicians or reed-makers. Different kinds of knives, razor cream, brass wires and scissors, corks, mandrels, guillotines, plaques, cutters, shapers and more are all available in our online store. You can even purchase a professional double-reed making kit so you don’t have to buy every tool separately!

Keep in mind you can contact us anytime via email or telephone with any questions you might have, a specific item you'd like us to order for you, or if you simply need some advice before purchasing.