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  • The reed resurfacer is made of a washable tempered glass and features an etched surface that is nearly impossible to wear out. The reed stick, inspired by a reed rush, is also made of etched glass and enables the player to precisely customise and personalise their reeds.

  • The Vandoren Reed Trimmer repairs damaged tips and increases the strength of your reeds with ease. Adjustable and precise, it utilises the same blades we use in our factory to create a consistent, clean cut every time. Now damaged reeds can perform like new again.

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Reed Files and Rees Sticks

These Clarinet reed files, made of etched tempered glass for extra durability, are the perfect tool for putting finishing touches on your reed. Inspired by the traditional reed rush, the file’s tip was carefully designed to bring maximum precision to the player wanting to customise his or her reeds.