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Saxophone Ligatures

A ligature is a device which holds a reed onto the mouthpiece of a single-reed instrument such as a saxophone or clarinet. It can be made from leather or different kinds of metal in a variety of designs; its shape will have an effect on your sound. Your ligature’s tightening system is also very important, as the ligature must secure the reed firmly against the table of the mouthpiece while allowing it to vibrate freely. Most ligatures are tightened with one or two screws: you should choose your ligature’s design in accordance with how comfortable you feel while playing.

Our Makers:

Wether you’re looking for Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass or Contrabass Saxophone ligatures, you’ll be able to find all of them in our catalogue, from all of the best makers. Selmer ligatures, Rico-D’Addario ligatures, APM ligatures and many more can be found and explored through our website.  

More Information:

You're welcome to contact us if you’re looking for a ligature for a very rare or specific mouthpiece. We’d love to help you find the perfect ligature. We’d also be happy to help if you were looking for advice or some more information, or even recommendations. You can get in touch via email or telephone, and we'll quickly get back to you.