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Wether you're a beginner, an advancing player or a professional musician, we have a great selection of saxophones you can explore, which includes some of our favourite brands on the market. The brand Jupiter has one of the widest collections available. Being a part of KHS, one of the world’s leading music companies, they offer Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones at a wide price-range, from beginner level saxophones (5 series) to professional (9,11 and XO series). The XO series is limited to only Alto and Tenor saxophones but its quality is exceptional; two versions are available in our catalog. On the other end, their "Petit" Alto saxophone features a removable bell, adjustable bumper pads in the keys prevent weak intonation, and an adjustable thumb rest. It includes a light Jupiter case with rucksack straps.

SML Paris is an old and renowned manufacturer of wind instruments, established in 1935. They have two series of saxophones, one for small hands and young students, and the other for advancing players and professionals. As a bonus, all of their saxophones come with a rucksack case, an SML mouthpiece and a a small kit with accessories from BG.

Last but not least, Yamaha has an innovative range of saxophones, from student level to professional. The 280 series was designed specifically for students, featuring a shape that makes practicing easier, and has recently been updated with some great improvements. The 480 series features an improved B/C# connection and new octave key system and neck receiver, which makes it more compatible with the Custom series. Series 62 and 82-Z are a great choice for advancing players and professionals. Finally, the Custom EX is the most high-range series in their collection. The Custom EX's top-quality, innovative design results in a beautiful instrument with a refined, elegant sound. It is complemented by Yamaha’s redesigned Custom ebonite mouthpiece: the baffle, chamber, and other areas of internal design have been re-designed for greater projection as well as soft, beautiful tonality. The shape of the tip has been modified for increased comfort and easier embouchure control. The Custom Z has similar qualities to the EX, but its sound is more adapted to Jazz.