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  • Alexander

    Alexander was by professional saxophonist Tom Alexander in the early 1990’s. After years of trying to find a consistent reed brand, Alexander decided to create his own.

  • APM (American Plating & Manufacturing)

    Established in 1902, American Plating and Manufacturing (APM) is a world-class manufacturer of accessories for Woodwind and Brass instruments. APM manufactures clarinet and saxophone ligatures, lyres for marching bands, woodwind mouthpiece kits, silver-plated brass horn mouthpieces as well as numerous other accessories for the music industry.  

  • Bari

    Bari began with one man’s mission to achieve a unique sound. Wolfe Taninbaum, the designer of the original Bari reeds and mouthpieces was a musician who played under the stage name of Wolfe Tayne for famous orchestras such as Les Brown, Benny Goodman and Jimmy Dorsey. In 1952 he developed his first synthetic reed. He also helped create a unique facing for alto and tenor mouthpieces that Otto Link applied to his larger chamber blanks, calling it the “WT.” It produced a dark, husky resonance that was coveted by saxophonists. Made in the USA, Bari Woodwinds manufactures mouthpieces of the highest quality achieving a unique sound.

  • BG

    Based in Lyon, France, BG Franck Bichon is one of the first French producers of wind instrument accessories. BG France has now more than 300 items on sale, including ligatures, straps, pads, stands, saxophone sets, heated pads, pillows and other cleaning accessories.

  • Billaudot

    Our bookstore section is finally ready for you to explore whenever you need scores or manuals. A collection of manuals for Clarinet, Saxophone and Harmonica has been carefully curated from the best publishers to bring you beginner manuals recommended by teachers and used in conservatories and music schools. For advancing players, we also have a great selection of books for them to perfect their technique and expressivity. Both beginners and more experienced players will be able to find great books that will help them progress.

  • Brancher

    Based in Saint Forgeot, Brancher France has been making top-quality saxophones, mouthpieces, reeds and ligatures since 1987.

  • Buffet Crampon

    This know-how is complex and valuable because it takes a long time to acquire and requires dedication and patience to pass on.

    At Buffet Crampon, we frequently measure the training period in years. It involves the recruiting of young apprentices who are passionate about the instrument-making profession, ensuring we have the means to pass on to them the taste for the exceptional work and putting them to work with experienced people so that they can gradually acquire and develop the apprenticeship received. This know-how allows the identity and memory of all the instruments to be forged.

    Thus for nearly 200 years, musicians have continued to find artistic excellence and the passion of music with Buffet Crampon instruments. In a collusive and intuitive dialogue with the most renowned artists, the brand’s ambition is to combine tradition with modernity, know-how with creation, history with innovation, in order to offer wind instruments of reference.

  • Fibracell

    Fibracell manufactures reeds from a sophisticated composite of aerospace materials designed to precisely replicate the way nature constructs reed cane. Very stiff but sound absorbing, Aramid fibers are suspended in a light weight resin formulation.

  • Forestone

    Forestone is a japanese brand that, through thorough research and development, has revolutionised the reed manufacturing process and matierals. Forestone reeds are a true evolution in synthetic reeds: they have the same functional properties as cane reeds but are more consistent and not affected by fluctuations in temperature or humidity like traditional cane reeds.

  • Gonzalez

    Gonzalez Reeds is one of the leading manufacturers of world-class hand selected clarinet reeds and saxophone reeds, as well as oboe cane, english horn cane, bassoon and contrabassoon cane. All the raw materials used in their products are grown at their family plantation in Mendoza, Argentina, at the foot of the Andes mountains.

  • Hal leonard

    Our bookstore section is finally ready for you to explore whenever you need scores or manuals. A collection of manuals for Clarinet, Saxophone and Harmonica has been carefully curated from the best publishers to bring you beginner manuals recommended by teachers and used in conservatories and music schools. For advancing players, we also have a great selection of books for them to perfect their technique and expressivity. Both beginners and more experienced players will be able to find great books that will help them progress. We also have a playback CD selection, so you can listen, learn and play along. These CDs are great when you need to practice, and they’ll allow you to have the experience of playing with great musical arrangements and performances. Some of our manuals already include a CD, so make sure you don't buy it twice. We're finally working on expanding our new and vintage posters collection featuring great musicians and performances from the world of Jazz and Classical music. On top of that, we're always looking for very rare, good quality photos and prints of Classical and Jazz performers and ensembles, so you'll now be able to add a valuable photo to your collection or put it on your wall at home.
  • Hercules Stands

    Hercules Stands are characterised by their innovative design. Research and development have improved the quality of their music and instrument stands over the last few years.

  • Hohner

    Founded in Trossingen in the south west of Germany in 1857 by watchmaker Matthias Hohner, the company can lay claim to being one of the oldest harmonica producers in the world. He replaced humans with machines where the latter could be more accurate than the former, instituted division of labour and adopted innovations such as using brass for the reed plates instead of moulded lead. This, together with the company’s adoption of protective covers for the harmonicas resulted in an instrument that was of the highest quality available at the time, but at a price point that was competitive.

    Today Hohner produces a wide range of harmonicas, and the number of models can sometimes be a little bewildering. Let’s take a look at the various ranges and explain the key differences.

    The Diatonic harmonica is the most ubiquitous and usually features 10 holes, each with one blow and draw note. Because they are tuned to a particular key, if you want to play songs in several different keys (either with a band or to a recording) then you’ll need more than one harmonica. (The caveat here is that it is possible to play cross harp, allowing more than one key to be played on a single diatonic harp).

    Chromatic harmonicas consist, effectively, of two harps, tuned a semitone apart and separated from each other by a slide, which is operated by a button at the side of the instrument. So, in the case of a chromatic harp tuned to C, when the button is not activated, the harmonica will have the notes of the scale of C major available. Conversely, when the button is depressed, the notes of C# major are available, meaning that a chromatic harp can play in any standard Western key. This is particularly useful in jazz and classical music, where the chromatic has seen the most use.

    The Tremolo Harmonica has two reeds per note – one tuned slightly sharp, the other slightly flat – which gives a distinctive warbling note, particularly suited to traditional folk music.

    Octave harmonicas, like tremolo harps, have two reeds per note, but instead of being tuned slightly sharp and flat they are tuned an octave apart, giving a very powerful sound. Like tremolos, octaves are most widely used in folk music.

    Finally, Orchestral Harmonicas are designed primarily for ensemble playing and are produced in melody and chord versions.

  • K & M

    K&M’s history starts in 1949 in Germany with Karl König and Erich Meyer when they created the company with nothing more than music stands. Today, K&M is an ISO 9001 certified leading company, still manufacturing great music stands and many more accessories.

  • La Boite à Anches

    At The Reed Box, we want to offer our customers great value and top-quality accessories. Our range of products, which is in constant development, includes instrument cases (Alizée, Zephyr), maintenance products (cork grease, cloths and swabs) and other accessories such as cases for your mouthpieces and reeds. Don’t forget to check out our student instrument series as well if you’re looking for clarinets, saxophones or harmonicas.

  • Lee Oskar

    Known worldwide for innovation and consistent excellence in harmonica making, Lee Oskar Harmonicas was founded in 1983 by harmonica virtuoso Lee Oskar, in collaboration with Tombo Manufacturing of Japan, a multi-generational harmonica manufacturer known for excellence since 1917.

    Globally recognized for superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, Lee Oskar Harmonicas pioneered an interchangeable system of reed plates, combs and cover plates that has become the industry’s gold standard. The Lee Oskar Harmonicas product line features a variety of harmonicas and accessories. Lee Oskar Harmonicas are available in various keys with Standard and Altered tunings, which allow musicians to play a wide range of musical genres and styles, including the most common forms, such as: Blues, Folk, Rock, R&B and Country (using the Major Diatonic, the standard harmonica tuning), and other genres, such as: Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska, Latin, Gypsy, Yiddish, minor Blues, Eastern European, Asian, and many other types of music (using Altered tunings such as the Melody Maker™, Harmonic Minor and Natural Minor).

    Lee Oskar Harmonicas also offers interchangeable/replaceable parts, harmonica holders (neck racks), carrying cases, and easy-to-follow instructional booklets, supported by online educational resources for musicians representing all levels, styles and genres.

  • Légère

    Légère reeds are made in Canada. The richness of their range of products and their outstanding quality makes Légère one of the best brands on the market today.

  • Lemoine

    Wether you’re a Jazz or Classical music player, we have a growing collection of sheet music available for you to explore. If you're looking for classical sheet music, you'll be able to find a nice selection of scores for all levels, from beginner to advanced. We’ve also selected some of the most popular pieces for Clarinet and Saxophone, some of them easier to play than others, so you can get better progressively.

    Same for Jazz, as we’ve selected popular pieces that beginners can play as well as more advanced pieces so you make progress by playing your favourite Jazz standards.

    Nonetheless, if you're looking for a specific score, we’ll happily order it for you, whatever the publisher or style of music it might be. We’ll do our best to get it delivered as quick as possible, but keep in mind it might take slightly longer than usual if we don’t have it in stock.

    Please let us know if you need an express delivery- we'd be happy to discuss ways of getting any item delivered to you rapidly.

  • Manhasset

    Manhasset manufactures top-quality music stands made in the USA. This leading brand offers very well designed products that are easy to use and made with lightweight, durable materials.

  • Marca

    Marca is a family-owned company, manufacturing reeds in the region of the Var in France since 1957. For this leading company, a reed is art and soul.

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  • Meyer

    Meyer mouthpieces were created by James Babbit, mouthpiece designer since 1930. After working in Boston as a flute specialist, Babbitt moves to New York and starts commercialising his Saxophone mouthpieces. Today, Meyer is a reference in the field of Ebonite Jazz mouthpieces made in the USA.

  • NAP

    Microfibre cloths, Cork Grease, Oils, Cleaners… Nap products are top-quality!

  • Otto Link

    Otto Link mouthpieces were created by James Babbit, mouthpiece designer since 1930. After working in Boston as a flute specialist, Babbitt moves to New York and starts commercialising his Saxophone mouthpieces. Today, Otto Link mouthpieces are a reference in the field of Ebonite Jazz mouthpieces made in the USA.

  • Players

    Players Music Accessories has been providing musicians around the world with high-quality maintenance kits and more accessories since 1983.

  • Reed Juvinate

    ReedJuvinate is a unique woodwind reed preservation system that prolongs the life of your saxophone and clarinet reeds, eliminates microbial contamination of your reed, and maintains the perfect moisture level so your reeds are instantly ready to play beautifully. The reeds are at the perfect moisture level and kept sterile by humidifying them with evaporated Listerine.

    ReedJuvinate saves you money. Your one time purchase quickly pays for itself by reducing reed costs.

    ReedJuvinate is convenient. Your life as a reed player is easier when you have three sterile reeds, always within easy reach with the convenient magnetic holder, and immediately ready to play.

    All reed sizes fit ReedJuvinate (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone; Bb, A soprano, Eb alto, and bass clarinet).

    ReedJuvinate maintains the perfect reed humidity. The ReedJuvinate system lets you fine tune the water level of your reeds, avoiding the dry/wet/dry cycle that breaks reeds down. A ReedJuvinate reed is a stable reed that is immediately ready to play well for you.

  • Rico

    Rico’s entire reed manufacturing process is monitored by computers and quality-controlled by professional musicians. The brand’s history has always been marked by innovation. In 1940, Rico releases the first synthetic reed, the “Plasticover”, a very high-quality reed offering unequaled longevity. In 2004, Rico was acquired by D'Addario & Co, the world's foremost manufacturer of musical instrument accessories. D’Addario invested millions of dollars in order to improve Rico’s products quality and develop new tools for the most demanding saxophonists and clarinetists.

  • Rigotti

    Rigotti’s reeds are made in the south of France, more specifically in the region of the Var. Rigotti has been producing top-quality reeds, accessories and tools for brass and woodwind instruments. The cane found in the Var region is known to be the best in the world.

  • Ritter

    Protection for instruments can be functional while also looking stylish. Ritter’s been been convinced of this ever since they started manufacturing gig bags in 1996, and it's what made us the world’s leading brand in our field. Today we offer over 800 bags for many different instruments.

  • SaxHolder

    Developed in Switzerland and made in Europe, the SaxHolder is a new patented three-point support system that transfers the weight of the saxophone to two padded shoulder handles with additional support from an abdominal rest.

  • Selmer

    In 1885, Henri Selmer founded H. and A. Selmer & Cie. He abandoned his career as a performer to do full-time research to improve the Clarinet and its manufacture. The manufacturing of mouthpieces followed, it being so closely linked to the instrument’s manufacturing. Selmer used its experience in both activities to succeed in making a mouthpiece that would bring out the best qualities of each instrument. Selmer’s mouthpieces have been recognised as some of the best in the world and have achieved huge worldwide sales.

  • Steuer

    In Germany, near Lake Constance in the late 1940’s, a reed maker, Gebhart Steuer, called on Honorat Donati, a producer of reed cane. This cane, Arundo donax, known for its exceptional vibratory qualities, grows along the shores of the Mediterranean, in the Var area of France. In 2011, after several decades, nothing could be more natural than the Steuer company now being based in Carqueiranne, in Var, close to the cane plantations. It is here that Steuer now continues to create and produce reeds to the highest standards, so essential to musicians, in keeping with the tradition of excellence which has forged its reputation.

  • Suzuki

    Established in 1953, it's a little known fact that the very first product line ever produced by Suzuki Musical Instruments was the harmonica.

    In continuous production and development ever since, Suzuki Harmonicas have become the most technically advanced harmonicas in the World. Suzuki Harmonicas offer a huge selection of instruments for the casual player to the World's top harmonica players, performers and recording artists.

  • Swan

    Swan Harmonicas are ideal for beginners and kids. Consistent and durable, they provide hours of fun at an affordable price.

    These Harmoncas are a great gift for kids and beginners. You’ll be able to purchase a more sophisticated Swan harmonica for them to keep developing their skills once they've developed a passion for it.

  • Tornado

    Tornado is characterised by its excellent value, bringing top-quality products to all kinds of saxophonists and clarinetists around the world.

  • Vandoren

    Needless to say, Vandoren has been leading the market of reeds and mouthpieces in France for many years. Since 1905, Vandoren manufactures reeds, mouthpieces and ligatures for all types of Saxophone and Clarinet and all styles of music, especially Classical music and Jazz. Vandoren’s top-quality products are all made in France.

  • Wittner

    Gustav Wittner created his precision engineering company in Germany, with the metronome as their flagship product.

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