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Ligatures are essential for your comfort when playing. Its function is to firmly hold the reed on the mouthpiece's table without putting too much pressure on it. If the Ligature is suitable, the reed will be able to vibrate freely and show its best qualities. You have to be able to play your instrument without effort; otherwise, there's a chance the ligature you're using might be inappropriate.


There's a wide variety of ligatures on the market, and the material they’re made of is an important factor. Ligatures are most commonly made out of metal and plated in nickel, silver, or gold. Ligatures are also made out of wire, wire mesh, plastic, naugahyde, heavy nylon fabric, wood, string, or leather.

Mounting the ligature:

There are two systems of ligatures you can choose from: one or two screw systems. . It is also essential that you pair your ligature and mouthpiece properly, since they can come in different shapes and sizes. To avoid pairing them wrong, it is often easier to get both your ligature and mouthpiece from the same maker.


Selmer ligatures will work well with Selmer mouthpieces, Vandoren ligatures will always work with Vandoren mouthpieces, and so on. This doesn't mean you can't mix makers; many musicians prefer to combine different brands so they get the sound they're looking for. Each musician will be able to find a good balance after trying different options. As long as you make sure your ligature suits your mouthpiece, you can experiment with many different combinations thanks to our extensive selection.

Our catalogue includes Selmer ligatures, Vandoren ligatures, Rico-D’Addario ligatures, BG ligatures, APM ligatures and many more. You can explore our catalogue online or contact us via email or telephone. We’ll be happy to help you find what you're looking for.

Mouthpiece Caps:

 We'll happily help you find the right ligature for your choice of mouthpiece, so when that’s done, you can choose the mouthpiece cap you like.